Irrlicht 1.8.1 rilasciato!

E’ stata rilasciata il 20 Novembre 2013 la versione 1.8.1 di Irrlicht. Questa versione è un aggiornamento che risolve diversi bug e migilora la velocità e non cambia le interfacce.
Sul forum ufficiale troviamo l’elenco delle modifiche apportate da questa nuova release, di seguito l’elenco:

– Improved OpenGL performance under OSX (Thanks devonsoft for reporting).
– Fixed OSX compilation issues.
– For speed improvement the following attributes accessible by ISceneManager::getParameters() are no longer updated in release:
“culled”, “calls”, “drawn_solid”, “drawn_transparent”, “drawn_transparent_effect”.
They can be enabled by compiling Irrlicht with the define _IRR_SCENEMANAGER_DEBUG.
Thanks @hendu for reporting, see viewtopic.php?f=2&t=48211 for the discussion.
– Fix compile problem with CIrrDeviceSDL on VS2008 (and maybe other systems). Thanks @HellFlip for reporting.
– Fix quaternion::rotationFromTo() (Thanks @takamoto for reporting)
– Fix iszero for s64 (Thanks @chronologicaldot for reporting)
– Fix crash in SoftwareDriver2 when Material was EMT_DETAIL_MAP but texture[1] was not set (Thanks for fix by chronologicaldot)
– Fix buffer overrun in x-loader (Thanks for fix by Otaka)
– Fix cursor visibility update problem under Windows 8 (Thanks @luthyr for reporting)
– Fix irredit links in loadScene/saveScene docs.
– Fix issue in CAnimatedMeshSceneNode::clone which caused a crash. (reported and fixed by luthyr)
– Fix compiling errors for c++ builder (thx @Greatwolf for many patches and @cfanderek for reminding)
– Initialized IColladaMeshWriter::GeometryWriting which was uninitialized.
– Fix linker trouble with irr::core::equalsByUl when compiling Irrlicht as managed code (thx @ Memorial76 for a report + testcase)
– Fix crashes in CCubeSceneNode::clone and CSphereSceneNode::clone (reported by marsupial)
– Fix the clipping in the listbox drawing which was only showing the right line of the sunken pane (reported by Mloren and Abraxas).
– Initialize slider in example 05 correct (reported by Zerochen)
– Fix crash in CMeshSceneNode::clone when the mesh had no shadow (reported by christianclavet, bug-fix found by Nadro)

There are still some known bugs in there on which we will work in the future:
– Software driver doesn’t work properly under OSX 10.9.
– Problems with certain .mtl files: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=48090

Il link per scaricare la nuova versione:

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